Introducing Me!

  1. Ashley Zhu. Communication Design, Business of Arts minor. Junior
  2. I am really interested in human-centered design and maybe venturing into interactive or UI/UX! I also am interested in digital media and perhaps video game/website design, so would love to just plunge my feet into the water!
  3. Not really. I was part of a small coding club in high school but we only did a few lessons in Python.
  4. How to do basic coding and try out user experience or interaction design to see if I want to do this in my life.
  5. I expect it to be really exact. On paper you can sketch away imperfections and make it stylistic, but on screen or in the hard code if you make one mistake all the cogs in the machine might fail.
  6. Effective Design Example! I like how everything moves with the cursor. As you scroll down more information pops up, so it's clearer for the eye and not everything at once. There are also fun colorful shapes, moving gifs, and different dynamic font sizes so it engages the eye as well as moving with the user.
  7. Effective Communication Example! As a website designer by profession, I think Starnes knows how to write out and use motion to a great experience on the "canvas" or screen. The pointer is visible by being red, and when things are loading he made custom lines so you always know what's happening. Constant motion!
  8. Cool Website Example!I think it has really great engagement right off the bat with the moving animation lines. Then it settles into into large dynamic fonts and simple color blocks that captures the eye. It has really simple buttons and I like the way each paragraph and photo has a bit of tottering movement before it settles into static for clearer viewing.